The only Multifunctional lazy bed table in the world

Multi-purpose furniture folding adjustable Bed Table

Our Relaxer Bed Table

Bed Table, the most suitable to accompany you a lazy in bed, on the ground, a good companion on the sofa.With the built-in adjustment desktop, desk outlet, folding structure and other functions, lazy to the magical state no longer a dream!

  1. 6 sections uplift level
  2. Foldable
  3. Desktop socket
  4. Easy Assemble

Perfect Measurements

Wooden Relaxer Table

Product nameLaziest table
Folding sizeW70*D40*H9.5(cm)
Uplift desktop sizeW45*D40(cm)
Right platform sizeW20*D40(cm)
European environmental standardsE1 grade
Moisture Resistant StandardV313
Iron surface treatmentPowder Coating
Power socketDesktop socket
InstallationEasy Assemble
Features 16 sections uplift level
Features 2Foldable
Loading Weight5kg
How To Use

Patya laptop desk

patya Bed Table
▲ 6 sections uplift level
Bed Table have Fixed lock
bed table Desktop socket
multi-purpose bed tablepatya bed table have Desktop socket
▲ Desktop socket

Use the folding structure to adjust desktop

Whether you are lying or sitting

any kinds of lazy posture

slacker can all meet your needs

Bed Table Lets You Work and Eat In Bed
Bed Table Lets You Yoga In Bed
Even you do the splits still can use slacker and feel comfortable
Bed Table Lets You read In sofa
Having a slacker with a glass of wine, you can be hipster too
Bed Table Lets You work In sofa
Do you know how happy it is if you can work on sofa?
Bed Table Lets You watch the movie In Bed
Keeps a comfortable posture watching TV, even the Teletubbies becomes better now
Bed Table Lets You read In Bed
It’s so nice that holding your head, lying on the bed and reading a book
Multifunctional ergonomic Bed Table
You want a slacker now? Go get  it now!
Multifunctional ergonomic wooden Bed Table
You can fold the table and put it at the corner as a company.
Pick your favorite color
The different colour Bed Table
Bed Table Classic Color【Brown+Black】
Durable Bed Table
Bed Table New Color【Brown +White】
Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table
Bed Table New Color【Ebony+ Black】
Tiltable Adjustment Bedside Table
Bed Table New Color【White oak+ Black】
Our Material

Our Material-patya

Bed Table Material SGS Test

    • The introduction of Moisture Resistant Standard, the SGS wet cycle test, 24 hours immersion expansion rate of less than 6%, it is the highest moisture level V313 waterproof board expansion rate of only 2% of the high-quality waterproof it!
    • Among all wood types, Melamine is the most resistant to wear , which is commonly used for decorating boards, commercial space, system cabinets, and hard-wearing wood floors. And we use the core material, it is formaldehyde content is very low (1.5mg / L), in line with the European environmental standards E1-level.
    • Also known as Highest Standard Wear- resistant and fire-resistant board, is a high-level composite materials. Has a extramly high stability and safety, fire-resistant effect is much higher than the untreated wood material, as the saying: Pure gold does not fear the furnace.
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