The Only Transformation Bookcase In The World

High precision New design Bookcase for kids


Our Books Partner

Due to the high degree of freedom of Bookcase Partner, so the layer and drawer is for everyone free to match.
Bookcase Partner adjustment function evolved out of the 9-level height can be freely inserted into the board.
And have in accordance with their own needs, between layers can also be spliced together as separate, support, book block use.
With the use of drawers,and up and down, before and after, left and right free flip stack ability.

  1. Free style
  2. Zero formaldehyde
  3. Adjustable height 9 Levels
  4. 10kgs per layer

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Perfect Measurements

Books Partner kids bookshelf

Product nameBook shelf
Layer sizeW32*D23.5*H1.8(cm)
Drawer sizeW31.5*D23.5*H13(cm)
Layer Loading weight10kgs per layer
Maximum amount of drawers per Case8 drawers
Adjustable height9 Levels
Features 1Free style
Features 2Zero formaldehyde
InstallationEasy to install
Feature of product

Bookcase Partner : According to different size’s objects to adjust and freely insert the bookcase to help you store your things more easily.

adjustable kids bookshelf

The interval between the adjustment to the next is 4.2 centimeter. The bookcase have 9 different height adjustments.

15, 19.2, 23.4, 27.6, 31.8, 36, 40.2, 44.4 and 48.6 centimeter. The height without using any compartment would be 65.4 centimeter.

kids bookshelf

This magical board can also enhance the supportive structure.

Prevent plywood from bending.

To prevent plywood from bending cause by receiving too much pressure, not only needs to use a plywood with weight resistance, you also need a bookcase like bookcase partner.

Made of solid wood and rely on plywood to help you solve the problem of bending.


Strong and durable.

Using the plywood to enhance the supportive structure, you don’t have to worry about it bending even you put a person in it.

※  When placing objects more heavy, we suggest you use plywood to support, so it won’t bending.

barrister bookcase

Able to meet your own needs

Drawer for free use

When you need more drawers, you can choice how many you want to use.

When you don’t need any drawer, you can absolutely choice not to use drawer.

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Books Partner

The card slot designed would not harm the bottom of the books.

You don’t have to worry about your books are thin or thick.

As the Card slot designed for adjusting plywood, its depth is only 1.8 millimeter, and its width is only for a plywood.

It’s hardly noticeable expect for inserting the plywood into the bookcase.

Assembly bookcase

Anti-cracking bookcase
Made of New Zealand pine and zero blind spot.

Customized bookcase
The quality of imported solid wood looks pleasant.

multipurpose bookcase
The designer most look good to create a bookcase like this with such good-looking.

multipurpose bookshelf
I don’t know what to say beside it looks good.

Multifunctional wooden bookcase

modern wooden bookshelf


open bookshelf
What a delicate and elegant bookcase partner.

wooden bookshelf
▲  You probably will have a sweet dream every night if you put a stunning bookcase like bookcase partner near your bed.

wooden bookcase
Put bookcase partner beside your desk makes me want to study.

bookcase with doors
One bookcase partner still looks amazing.

bookcases for sale
No matter where you at, bookcase partner always looks great.

floating bookshelves
It’s still stylish and stable even you put three bookcase partner on top of each other.

small bookcase
▲ Bookcase partner with other partner are the best match.

Other Partners
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