The cutest little stool to sit with

Fashion furniture designer round wooden stool chairs

Our Sitting Buddy

Lazy stool opens hands shaped like cute little man waiting for you, the warmest and caring companionship at home.
Always accompany you at your side, Live with you every moment whether happy or not.
It never dislike and avoid your weight and fatigue, and always well prepared to catch you in every moment.

  1. Wear-resistant
  2. Scratch resistance
  3. Zero formaldehyde
  4. Loading Weight 100 kg
  5. Easy Assemble

Designer wood stool

The cutest sitting buddy in the furniture world. 

Perfect Measurements

 Furniture designer round wooden stool

Product nameRound stool chairs
Iron surface treatmentPowder Coating
Features 1Wear-resistant3
Features 2Scratch resistance
Features 3Zero formaldehyde
Loading Weight100 kg
InstallationEasy Assemble

You never thought about furniture can be this cute and silly.

If it is a crime to be too cute, sitting buddy would be the worse kind.

 furniture wooden chairs
At living room, it’s the one you can share your happiest moment.
 furniture designer waterproof wooden chairs
At bedroom, it’s a thoughtful buddy to get some rest with.
wooden furniture designer waterproof chairs
This little cute thing is also a very good accompany to have dinner with.
wooden furniture designer waterproof stool
Work with sitting buddy is always a pleasant thing.
multi-purpose furniture designer waterproof chairs
Sitting buddy always looks cute whenever it is.
Our Features

Do you ever think about how New Zealand solid pine feel when you mistook it as a cheap wood?

No, you don’t. You only think about yourself.

No formaldehyde, healthy and natural wood.

Wood grain is more detailed than normal pine.

In all the pines, it is the toughest.

multi-purpose solid stool


multi-purpose black solid stool

As a role model of a good furniture, to be more considerate is necessary.

Like, you can lean on its stool leg easily when you stretching your legs.

Thoughtful designed, to be considerate about the the hard work of your feet.

Sacrifice its own feet to give yours a best experience.


Except the designed for you to lean on your feet, it also has a adjustable non-slip mat.

multi-purpose chair
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