The only Wardrobe on earth that meets your need

Portable bedroom furniture rotating dressing table Wardrobe

Let us Revealed This magical Wardrobe

Our Dressing Partner

How many times in your life that you can save 10 minutes on the go out.
How many time do you have the experience that you wish you can leave 10 minutes earlyer?
Never let wearing a clothes waste your precious 10 minutes.

  1. Full-length mirror
  2. 360 degree rotation
  3. Anti Rust, non-slip with Hanging function
  4. Each layer capacity 30 pieces of clothes
  5. 10kgs per layer
  6. Easy to assemble

Good wardrobe closet
Perfectly combine mirror with dresser and rack. All in 3.

Perfect Measurements

dressing wardrobe

Product nameArmoire wardrobe
Environmental levelE1 grade
Waterproof levelV313
Iron surface treatmentPowder Coating
Drawer materialSwedish hard long fiber
Each layer capacity30 pieces of clothes
Loading Weight10 kgs per layer
MirrorFull-length mirror
Features 1360 degree rotation
Features 2Anti Rust, non-slip with Hanging function
InstallationEasy Assemble
How To Use
                                              Multifunction Wooden Wardrobe Partner
Difficult life! Very convenience! Unexpected storage!Multifunctional wardrobe storage
If Nobel has a prize named, the most convenient furniture, I think the dressing partner would be the winner.
You don’t have to pay for the hanger, rack and vertical mirror like you usually do.
Now, You only need a dressing partner to meet all your need.
bedroom design fiber wardrobes
Nice furniture bedroom wardrobe
The only wardrobe on earth meets all your need for dressing.
patya wardrobe design
It’s okay to overslept. You can get ready very quick anyway.
Multifunctional wardrobe armoire
Even turn off the light, it still looks stylish and elegant.
wardrobe with drawers
Each compartment has the capacity of 30 clothes.

wardrobe with drawers
Don’t underestimate the capacity of this drawer.

rotating wardrobe with drawers
Notice : Don’t get addicted to spinning it around.

wardrobe cabinet
It looks good even just hang on a clothes.

Absolutely the most textured drawer material on earth

Multiple Colour

closet furniture free standing wardrobe
Origin color【Brown + Black】

Nome furniture wardrobe
New Color【Brown+White】

home furniture free standing wardrobe
▲ New Color【Black+Black】

Home furniture free standing wardrobe
▲ New Color【White+Black】

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