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CLP Inox Manufacturer Breathing Hydrogen Gas Human Health

Product Description

The “ Healthy portable alkaline hydrogen water stick “exhibits the characteristics of the rejuvenating water

  1. Negative electric potential, alkaline water Negative potential will increase with time and is able to reach a level higher than-100 and a pH Level greater than 7.2
  2. Small molecules in high quality water Highly permeable and soluble water molecules are able to transport nutrients and oxygen to cells throughout the body and help with the metabolization of old and unwanted waste of the body.
  3. Easy to bring along anytime!
  4. Good tasting water The entire family wiII start to enjoy drinking water.
  5. Economical as each rod can last 6 months Far more economical compared to highly expensive water purifiersHydrogen water stick

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Product nameCLP Inox Manufacturer Breathing Hydrogen Gas Human Health
pH levelGreater than pH 7.2
Reduction potential waterThe negative potential is from -50 to -250 will increase with time
ContentsMagnesium, infrared-ray ceramic balls
Container materialNylon composites (Food quality PA material) stainless steel wires (304 stainless steel wires)
Heat resisting below60℃
Specification120mm in length, 17mm in diameter; contains one rod
Expiration6 months after opening

hydrogen water stick

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