BLUE EAGLE: AL1 Aluminum Fire Protection Hood

Aluminum Fire Protection Hood Features and Benefits 

1. Burning behaviour (EN ISO 6941): When tested in accordance with EN ISO 6941, the superb aluminized gloves exceed the highest class (Level 4) requirement.

2. Contact heat (EN 702): When tested in accordance with EN 702 at a temperature of 250℃, the superb aluminized gloves give an excellent result – the threshold time = 31.3 s.

3. Convective heat (EN 367): When tested in accordance with EN 367, the superb aluminized gloves give an excellent result (Level 3) in the convective heat performance test. The result shows that the RHTI24 value = 12.5 s

4. Radiant heat (EN ISO 6942): The superb aluminized gloves exceed the highest class (Level 4) requirement in the radiant heat performance test.

5. Small splashes of molten metal (EN 348): When tested in accordance with EN 348, the superb aluminized gloves exceed the class (Level 3) requirement in the small splashes of molten metal performance test. The number of droplets is 28.

6. Outstanding mechanical protection (EN 388): When tested in accordance with EN 388, the superb aluminized gloves give outstanding results.

7. Comprehensive eye and face protective (EN 166): The face visor provides comprehensive high quality protections.

(1) Best optical quality

(2) High-speed particle impact resistance at extremes of temperatures

(3) Superb IR protection

(4) Enhanced IR reflection

(5) Superb radiant heat resistance

(6) Superb UV protection 

Product NameFire hood
Supply Ability (per month)10,000


Heat and Fire Protection

Approved by European standard EN 11612

Limited flame spread: A1

Convective heat: B2

Radiant heat: C4

Molten aluminum splash: D3

Molten iron splash: E3

Contact heat: F2


1 pcs/inner box

4 pcs/carton

Carton Size49 x 41.5 x47.5 cm 
N.W. / G.W.6KGS / 7KGS
Aluminum Fire Protection Hood 1
Aluminum Fire Protection Hood 2


Polison Corporation (BLUE EAGLE SAFETY) was founded in 1978 and is currently a leader in the field of personal protective equipment (PPE). The Company’s headquarters is now located in Taiwan, and its products have been certified to European, American, and Canada standards and sold to over 100 countries around the world. The trademark of BLUE EAGLE has been registered in over 70 countries around the world, making it one of the most renowned brands of PPE, offering great reputation and earning the confidence of users across the globe, and helping to establish work safety, improve efficiency, and ensure quality to numerous first-line workers


Our Goals

Our objective is to become a supplier of high quality PPE and provide professional products and services to enhance human safety and health, giving workers peace of mind as they devote themselves to their duties while shielding families from workplace accidents and strengthening social stability. Since its establishment, we has been expanding our product catalog and categories to provide customers with comprehensive protective products. Our production lines roll out protective equipment for the eyes, face, head, and ears as well as solutions for fall protection, welding protection, steel smelting and furnace safety, emergency showers, fire escape and protection, and respiratory protection. We know that PPE is more than just work protection. Such equipment serves as a defender of every worker’s family. We therefore made quality as our top priority and the center of our efforts, and mastered precision engineering techniques while meticulously reviewing every step and detail of production. Such dedication allows us to manufacture PPE products that our users can rely upon with great confidence.


Our Products

All Blue Eagle products are designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and undergo quality verification within our own plants and production lines. We also utilize the latest materials, techniques, and high tech equipment to carry out all these production steps. At Blue Eagle, we leverage our superior integrated production capabilities to convert raw materials to the final product. This means that every product bearing the mark of Blue Eagle is subject to comprehensive quality controls to furnish it with even higher levels of quality. Our teams have continued to seek better understanding of the customers’ individual requirements to ensure that our products can provide customers with the best user experiences. We also developed and produced customized PPE solutions, and applied our professional skills to support our customers and listen to their ideas and needs. We also ensure that the customer’s vision and requirements are accurately incorporated into the final product during the process of product development.


Continuing Improvements

To provide users with better and more robust protection, Blue Eagle has continued to introduce the latest manufacturing equipment and build testing labs with comprehensive testing capabilities. We shall pursue continuous improvements and provide our users with enhanced products.

Aluminum Fire Protection Hood
Aluminum Fire Protection Hood 4