Patya multifunctional working table


Let the working environment remain immaculate and clean forever

  • Anti-pinch,Cushion hinge design
  • Comfortable footstand design
  • Hidden socket
  • Loading Weight 300 kg


coffee table

Our Working partner

Working table, design unique storage ingenuity
Hide messy wires and sundries for you
Intimate built-in socket design
No longer have to bend over to find the plug
Let the working environment remain immaculate and clean forever

  • Anti-pinch,Cushion hinge design
  • Comfortable footstand design
  • Hidden socket
  • Loading Weight 300 kg

working desk

Perfect Measurements

Working Partner size

Product nameOffice desk
Whole SizeW120*D67*H77(cm)
Layout sizeW22*D31*H10(cm)
Drawer sizeW70*D50*H10(cm)
European environmental standardsE1 Grade
Moisture Resistant StandardV313
Iron surface treatmentPowder Coating
Loading Weight300KG
Power socketHidden socket
Features 1Anti-pinch,Cushion hinge design
Features 2Comfortable footstand design
InstallationEasy Assemble
How To Use

The sickest table in the world

Table has four storage compartments with A4 size, insert socket and a super massive drawer.

Anti-pinch design and I-shaped structure to stable table


Why do you want to buy a cabinet if you have working buddy?
 If your table is clean, your life would be colorful,
 but if you table is not, you life would be black and white.

I was a loser in the past. And it’s totally understandable to have a messy table.

And now, I am still a loser. Buy oddly, since I have working buddy, my table ain’t like it used to be before.

Maintain your working environment just as important as maintain your liver
It’s not far from having a wife, car and house if you maintain your working environment well
Some research say, working on a table full of wires would reduce 87% of your efficiency.

Imagine all the entangled wires are all gone, your working environment will be so clean.

Looks simple, but it’s actually very convenient design – insert socket
You don’t have to see these wires
As the sickest table to have a big drawer is very reasonable

Anything might appear on the table could be put in this drawer.

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Fully open ball bearing runner
Kids have another place to hide if they are playing hide and seek

I have never seen a table like this

Let’s do a easy math.

A piece of paper is about 0.017 centimeter thick.

A compartment is about 10 centimeter deep.

Question, how many pieces of paper would that be if the four compartment were all fill up?

The answer is 2353 pieces of paper.

Every compartment can store nearly 600 pieces of A4 paper
Provide your hand a best protection—Anti-pinch hinge

Even working buddy is already a perfect furniture with both fashion and awesome functions, but it still unsatisfied about it.Being a perfect furniture, you need to make user to feel safe.

Don’t underestimate this little thing. It’s more expensive than a boxed lunch
hot sell office table
From now on, don’t let pinch your hand cross your mind.
It’s all because of the I-shaped structure, so the working buddy can be this stable

The first two-way stabilize I-shaped beam structure.

Working buddy’s structure is more stronger than normal table by two-way lock in screw to enhance its load-bearing.

Even you jumping on it or dancing, it won’t fall.

The exclusive patent of I-shaped structure under the table
Considerate table foot pads design to protect your floor not to be scratch by table legs

When moving furnitures are the most scare to scratch your floor.

Now, has the table foot pads design, you don’t even have to worry about scratching your floor.

The designer must very handsome to be this thoughtful on details
Is not normal to see a table has the load-bearing of 300 kilogram now

A man worthy to be with needs a strong shoulder.

A table worthy to be with needs a strong structure.

Working buddy has the load-bearing nearly 300 kilogram.


hot quality wood office table
I just found out he stood on the table with sandals !!!
Other colors
Working buddy’s original color【Brown+Black】
New Color for New year【Ebony+Black】
New Color for new year【White oak+Black】
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