Far Infrared Glass Teppanyaki Grill

Kitchen appliance Smokeless Glass Teppanyaki Grill

Mooth Surface for easy maintenance.Glass Teppanyaki Grill enjoyment at home is no longer a dream

  1. Scratch-resistant German ceramic glass

  2. Far-Infrared Light Heating Technology
  3. Dual L.C.D. touch control System

  4. LED Temperature Display

  5. Cooks multiple foods at 70~380°C temperature range

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Multifunctional Glass Teppanyaki Grill

high precision Multifunctional Glass Teppanyaki Grill

Precision Glass Teppanyaki Grill

color / SS pattern scheme

patent down-draft air purifying system handling grease laden air

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Glass Teppanyaki Grill


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FANCY Food Service Equipment Co., Ltd. is a commercial kitchen equipment provider that specializes in design & planning, manufacturing, and maintenance & repair. Built from the ground up, through 40 years of experience we have gained a strong foothold in this highly competitive field – an admirable brand-building story based on systematic management and a conscientious business ethic. In the industry, FANCY is the commercial kitchen equipment provider.

FANCY’s production and R & D capabilities actively bring together its design and manufacturing department, and continually innovate using advanced production techniques to create value-added new products. A great example is the integration of negative-ion generating technology into its Glass Teppanyaki Grill, which in the process of cooking helps preserve nutrition and reduce grease-laden air – a novel concept-turned-reality that has garnered various patents internationally.

Safety has always been FANCY’s top priority, hence our strict discipline on product quality. In the process of high-temperature cooking, food safety hazards, such as the release of toxic metals (lead, chromium, and arsenic, among others), could emerge and threaten people’s health. FANCY insists on meeting the highest quality management standards on steel plate processing, polishing, fabricating, piercing & punching, wiring, anti-corrosion, coating, grinding, testing, packaging, etc. The strigent quality management has not only enabled FANCY’s products to surpass client expectations, but also secured safety certifications from UL, NSF, CE, and ISO9001, as well as passed heavy metal solubility test to ensure no toxic substances are released during the cooking process.

With continued effort, FANCY’s client base has burgeoned across Asia, Europe, and America, and FANCY is the only provider in Taiwan that exports commercial kitchen equipment and teppanyaki tables – the marquee product FANCY has become synonymous with – to as many as 40 countries worldwide. To provide quality service, FANCY has also established local branches or partnered with distributors in China, Singapore, and the US., and will continue to extend its reach globally.Glass Teppanyaki Grill

Consistency in quality and an ever-innovative attitude are the cornerstone of FANCY’s leading role in the industry. We will continue to commit our expertise and resources to research and development, putting our best foot forward and elevating the standard in commercial kitchen equipment. At the same time, we will also focus on developing eco-friendly products to do our part in preserving the environment, on top of providing the healthiest and safest cooking equipment possible.


Established in 1974, FANCY guarantees quality based on 40 years of experience.

1974     FANCY Inc. under a rental name
1975     FANCY Steels Inc. founded
1980     renamed to FANCY Industry Inc. with production plant built
1981     the birth of the first Smokeless Teppanyaki Table
1998     ISO9000 series certified
2001     Shanghai branch established
2002     CE certified
2003     NSF certified / received the Best Innovation and Research Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs / US dealership

2004     Belgium dealership established
2006     production plant expanded / trade show in Beijing and Shanghai (onward)
2007     Kunshan branch established
2008     Kunshan production plant built and operational / trade show in Singapore and Chicago (onward)
2009     trade show in Dubai
2010     US dealership established
2012     production plant expanded for the second time / Taipei office established / R&D team received national prize on                                 outstanding innovation / received International Inventor Prize / received Taiwan Golden Quality award
2013     UL certified / teppanyaki table featured on iSet TV / commercial and home GlassGrill introduced in trade show

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1. Q: What’s the Best Price You Can offer?

    A: The best price depends on the order quantity. please leave us a message with your purchase details sush as Quantity, Specification etc. We will respond you within 24 hours

2. Q: How Can I Get Protected If I Trade With You Company.

    A: 1. We are a legal and registered company. We are also Paid Members of Alibaba.

2. You are welcomed to use Alibaba Trade Assurance Order which can give you a full protection.

3. You are also welcomed use Secure Payment of Alibaba for small Orders.

3. Q: How Can I Pay?

    A: We accept our customers pay by Credit Card,T/T ( Bank Transfer) , West Union, Money Gram, Paypal or other payment terms

4. Q: Do you provide OEM Service?

     A: Yes. We are a proffesional MANUFACTURER in this industry. We are providing full solution for OEM clients

 Electric teppanyaki plate
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