About Crowe pump water element

⇒ Crowe pump Chairman Taiwan has gone through three presidents summoned, Xie Xinmao chairman innovative potential of discerning, the gifted exceptional talent, applied thoroughly in simple human life, the founder of the world’s most compact fan, with special emphasis on practical life , the high-tech intelligent design into the health industry, the upgrade is not just the product itself, but also means a healthier future!

Business philosophy

⇒innovation: people-oriented, healthy surrounding for the foundation, more unique and practical .
integrity: strict quality, enhance customer satisfaction .
Professional: production and sales of one-stop service, intelligent design escalating.

Concept of quality

development: multi-award winning design experience, return to life of applications, Seiko and life integration, create the ultimate boutique simple and practical, because the body needs, the driving force behind the creation of a steady stream. 
Production: professional production planning, procurement, manufacturing process, assembly to finished products, strict control of operating procedures, the final product safety testing, monitoring by professional quality control personnel.
QC: periodic water quality SGS safety inspection, quality assurance staff of professional training, in order to achieve stable quality.Our company Cloudpard Suiso Hydrogen water generator suppliers improve the quality of water life, so that the next generation grow up healthy and happy.

R & D vision of

⇒this company is committed to research and development of hydrogen beneficial to humans, high purity, safety and immediate supply of the hydrogen production modules, Hydrogen stick, portable water hydrogen generator, hydrogen titanium water and other hydrogen water series products, convenient and direct supply of high-purity hydrogen-rich water, so that everyone can easily drink to implement to improve the water environment and improve the quality of life, so that the next generation grow up healthy and happy.