Yo Yang Precision Enterprise Co., Ltd.History

Since its inception,

Always provide professional service quality

And the most sophisticated equipment and technological innovations,

Tailor-made all kinds of molds and parts for customers

For the company’s consistent adherence.

Excellent products are fundamental to sustainable business operations.

The service-oriented, quality assurance is the company’s operating principles.

Yo Yang Precision Processing Supplies and Manufacturers.

YOU YANG Major Equipment:

YOU YANG Major equipment:

The company’s existing Mitsubishi CNC wire cutting machine 10 Sets

Yongjin CNC cutting machine 2 Sets CNC Fine Hole Electric Discharge Machine 2 Sets 

Plane Precision Grinding Machine 2 Sets

2D projection measuring instrument 1 Sets

All kinds of traditional milling machines, drilling equipment.

The company’s processing equipment is complete,

can provide a complete range of customer processing needs.

Client customization product